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 Welcome to the Arlington High School
Class of 1964 +-  Alumni Web Site

This website was created in November 2014 after the class of 1964's 50th year reunion to provide a central point to keep accurate records of classmates, share information, communicate and allow for a method to plan and execute our class reunion(s).  It has done the job intended.  The site is also a place to remember those who have passed away.  AHS Graduates from other classes have also been joining.  Their participation is appreciated.  Thank you to all who have donated $$ to the Class Reunion and to this website to keep the site for years to come. Thanks to the Reunion Committee and thank you to all who attended the reunion.

Next Reunion  2024

There is a suggestion on the table to have a 60th Year Reunion in the form of Meals on Wheels.  We will be in our late 70's the next time around.  Travel may be out of the question.  Briefly, each alumni/ae would stay in the comfort of their own home or assiisted living facility or wherever and have their Meals on Wheels delivered at a specific time. (The military terminology is time on target TOT)  We could have a giant Skype Event or Face Time where everyone would sign in at the exact same moment and all talk at once.  Technlogy will probably advance in 5 years to the point where this fantastic ideal will be a reality.  Your positive comments about such an event will be appreciated.

Reunion Mission Complete
September 27, 28, 29 2019